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Types of Lawn Grass for Central Texas

Bermuda grass- Drought resistant grass that grows in full sun. Runners make it invasive and easy to spread although some of the hybrids are less prone to invade your flowerbeds. Grows in full sun only. It comes as seed or on a pallet. A tough grass with few problems.
Bermuda Grass
St. Augustine grass- Popular grass that is overused. Problems include white grubs, chinch bugs, brown patch, and Take-All Root Rot. The main problem comes from our hot summers. St. Augustine is a big water user, and as we attempt to keep it watered in the summer we sometimes over-water. You will find problems occurring in low-lying areas where the water will stand. Does grow in sun or shade. You can find it in plugs or on a pallet.
St. Augustine Grass
Buffalo grass- Very drought tolerant. Tends to turn brown in mid-summer into fall without supplemental irrigation. This is the only turf grass native to Texas. The original has been hybridized into forms that are more desirable. Look for Prairie (the native) or "609" Buffalo grass hybrids. Requires full sun. Does not require much mowing. Seed or sod is available for the native variety. Sod only for the improved varieties.  Drought tolerance though it does not wear well in heavy traffic. Hard to find on a pallet but you can plant from seed.
Buffalo Grass
Turf-type tall Fescue- A cool-loving Kentucky bluegrass, there are blends that claim to make it here in our Texas heat. Best planted in a little shade for this reason. Some hybridized forms will grow in as little as two to four hours of filtered sun. Recent hybrids will also stay green most of the year, though you may see some browning in our summers. Green all winter. Drought resistant and doesn't creep. You will probably need to overseed once or twice to get full coverage, as it is one seed, one blade. Be sure you get the tall type and not the fine type Fescue. Is not available on pallets.
Tall Fescue Grass

Zoysia grass- Grows in full sun although some of the new hybrids claim to grow in up to 50% shade. Drought tolerant. Turns brown in the winter. You can find it on pallets and sometimes in plugs. The year 2001 saw the first year Zoysia was available from seed. To get it to grow from seed, you really have to be on top of the planting instructions and the follow-up care.

Zoysia Grass

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